SoulNote P3

€ 12,995,00

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My experience
SoulNote is a Japanese company, founded in 2004 by the ex-director of Marantz Nippon, an engineer, Mr. Norinaga Nakazawa. The SoulNote P3 preamplifier belongs to the flagship SoulNote series.

The SoulNote P3 preamplifier stands on a wooden platform that comes with it. The top cover is floating because it is not screwed to anything. All helps to control, channel away and dampen vibrations. 

The presentation of the SoulNote P3 preamplifier is very nice, silky and smooth. It sounds like a pure tube preamp. The SoulNote P3 has all the features of a smooth, fluid, colour rich tube sound. Its soundstage is excellent, nicely widened and stretched around your sweet spot. The dynamics are fantastic realistic and give the experience of being close to live instruments.

The SoulNote P3 is one of the best-built audio devices, both in terms of mechanics and electronics. Its chassis has been constructed in such a way as to control vibrations as much as possible. It is made of stiff, aluminum elements fastened with thick beams. The sides are double-layered and the bottom is made of thinner sheet metal. The top cover is also double-layered and it is not bolted on, but rests on three cones. And there are also spikes on the bottom, with the middle one supporting the aluminum structure directly, with one of the transformers bolted to it.

The preamplifier is big, heavy and looks very very good. Its design includes solutions which, due to high costs, are used very rarely or not at all in audio.

The SoulNote P3 is a master preamp and one to be for sure on your wish list.