Jeff Rowland Corus

€ 6.850,00

(excl. transport)

The experience
The Jeff Rowland Corus is one of the most beautifully made preamps I know..visually very stunning, with a beautiful front panel and chassis. Both made from solid aluminum blocks… a pure design delight.

The Jeff Rowland Corus is very capable, with four balanced inputs, two unbalanced inputs, four main outputs (two balanced, two unbalanced) and two record outputs. The presentation of the the Jeff Rowland Corus gives a deep musical involvement, smoothness, refinement, resolution, delicate, energy and life like, yet subtle with refined openness and realism.

The Jeff Rowland Corus is very musical, fast and clean, with lots of detail and tremendous clarity, speed and articulation, but not clinical at all, surprisingly transparent, extremely clean-sounding, adding very little to none sonic signature. The sound staging is rich, wide and deep, with each layer very well separated. The imaging is solid and clearly outlined.

A true High-end state of the art jewel…