Magico Mini II

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My experience
Magico Mini II… Back in the time an Iconic High-end milestone… Lots and lots of raving reviews!

The Magico Mini II Look absolutely amazing; a beautiful design of solid Aluminium and Birch ply…definitely a cost no object speaker design. The Mini II’s enclosure is constructed from Baltic Birch plywood and is super stiff. The speaker’s front baffle is made of a very thick slab of aircraft grade aluminum, exquisitely machined and curved. Every part of the design is executed to a very high standard. The Mini II come with the beautiful matching designed speaker monitor stands. Each speaker/stand combo weighs 90kg and every aspect of the design is tweaked to the max. Simply gorgeous and true art pieces in your living/listening room!

The finest two-way mini-monitor and the best dynamic loudspeaker, whispers from the past..  The Mini II is full range and much more than any two-way monitor speaker, total coherence, low distortion, high resolution, breathtaking clarity, natural tone color, excellent dynamics, space filling sound staging, near life sized imaging, exceptional transparency and disappearing second-to-none.

On top surprising enough, they act far more like good conventional three-way speakers, except for the lowest bass.

Colourless and seamless from top to bottom, with exceptional extension in the bass, phenomenal reproduction of timbre and texture in the midband, increased smoothness and neutrality in the treble, astonishingly hard hitting dynamics and wide dynamic range for a two-way monitor speaker.