Magico Q1

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My experience
True beauties. In super condition these Q1’s took me to a state of bliss. These heavy ladies are a state of beautiful clean industrial art. A great fit in rooms where large speakers are not wanted. A ‘small’ speaker with a huge sound; open, clear, wonderful surprising base and surprising sound stage. A true state of Art in any audiophiles room.

The Magico Q1 is an aluminum enclosed stand mounted mini monitor speaker reproducing an incredible detailed soundstage, has superior speed of attack, has a great delicacy of timbre and texture, low-end clarity, are very clear and neutral, ultimate in transparency, have a realistic resolution, refinement and on top the Q1 speakers fully disappear.

The Magico Q1 is an excellent loudspeaker with the highest-fidelity, fullest-range and is simply one of the most transparent two way source…

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