REL Carbon Special | 2x available

    € 3.450,00

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    My experience
    If you are not familiar with additional Subwoofers and in this case a Limited REL Carbon Special subwoofer you are up for an amazing experience. As was I, very sceptic and a non believer when it comes to add subwoofers in a High-end audio setup.

    Oh, what have I been wrong. It is not about creating super bass and or blowing you out of your sweet spot. No, it it adding a complete new frequency spectrum. An amazing experience adding and completing a total soundstage. I couldn’t believe my trained ears for hours..a true addiction! 

    I hereby sell my Rel Carbon Special which is a new limited availability model that combines the latest REL engineering with cutting edge components from the REL reference line, all housed in a moderately sized chassis. It features REL’s third-generation carbon fibre 12” driver with a new, bespoke CSP passive driver that delivers 50% longer stroke, powered by a 1,000 watt amplifier, itself guided by REL’s CS PerfectFilter™. The REL Carbon Special has an all new cabinet with highly polished metal and carbon fibre touches appears only in this model. 

    If you haven’t ever experienced a subwoofer from REL in your High-end system then this is the moment.. Your Brains will not believe your Ears…

    In one word..Amazing!

    – Incl. 21% VAT, comes with a VAT invoice
    – 1x REL carbon Special Limited for Sale!